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Skills and knowledge
analysis laboratory

Our experts design and edit tools and content to measure and analyse knowledge and interpersonal skills.

Digital and knowledge experts

We produce systems for analysing knowledge
according to patterns in finer points and not just scoring.

More than 10 years of expertise

The meeting between digital and pedagogical experts, who have been working on e-learning subjects for more than 10 years, enable to create Askilab company. After 2 years of R&D, this group of experts has developed a digital skills analysis tool that goes further than most of the industrialised competitors on the market.

An in-depth analysis

The research team had set itself the objective of designing a malleable tool, and really focused on the fine analysis more than on the “mark” itself, whatever the need for knowledge analysis. Today, Askilab uses intelligent operating procedures and produces fine, readable diagrams for the candidate, employers, or potential recruiters.

Evaluate, Certify, Collect, Target, Canvass and Analyse


  • Optimising your teaching
  • Assessing your student’s progress
  • Certifying the end of your learner’s course


  • Organise fun activities
  • Getting to know each other better
  • Keep in touch while having fun

Event management

  • Anticipate your project
  • Determine your guests expectations
  • Assess overall satisfaction
Askilab - Ressources humaines

Human resources

  • Approach candidates
  • Analyse your business organisation
  • Assess your employee performance

Market research

  • Collect quantifiable data
  • Target your customer
  • Probe from home or in the field


  • Optimise your service
  • Assess your staff skills
  • Determine your customers’ satisfaction

They use our analysis system

Recruiters & Consultants

Human resources companies and trade unions trust us and use our system to evaluate and analyse different population typologies.

Universities & prestigious schools

We work in partnership with many schools such as the prestigious Kedge Business School which has adopted our system and content to assess its students in intercultural negotiation.

Training organisation

Training organisations select our system to analyse candidates’ progress in and out, and deliver certificates.

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