Ikigaï: A tool designed to measure well-being in companies

2 companies, CETIM and Scopika have reinvented this method of analysing the social climate in companies under the name IKIGAY.

The project: modelling and digitising the Ikigay Pro solution

Ikigai: a principle entirely centred on the human being

Ikigai (生き甲斐) is the Japanese equivalent of “love of life” and “reason for being” in English. This concept is very old. It is a concept from the 14th century. It is said that it might explains the extraordinary longevity of the inhabitants of the island of centenarians.

To find one’s Ikigai means to engage oneself in an activity that one has chosen, where one feels fulfilled, and which makes sense to one. Indeed, the Ikigai method corresponds to personal development axes. These are generally used by coaches.

modèle ikigai japonais

Adapting Ikigaï to the business world: measuring the social climate at work

CETIM created and designed a method inspired by the successful model of Japanese philosophy. Scopika digitised the solution and automated the entire analysis process, from the development of the questionnaire to the production of graphs and evaluation reports, inspired by the famous Ikigai flower.

fleur ikigay pro

The Ikigay Pro solution is designed and automated. It is now available on computers, tablets and smartphones.

The results appear in graphical form, making them easily accessible to all: the person concerned, the employees, the management and the consultants.

Then, this tool allows the user to compare his vision with its group or with other departments and to visually compare the results over time, thanks to the graphical vision.

Ikigay pro: A real motivational lever for companies

The Ikigay solution enables companies to put in place concrete actions at all levels, whether collective or individual.

In this way, the company engages itself in a real process of “benevolence” and initiates a decompartmentalisation.

This analysis tool has been digitalised in a way that it is both simple and quick. It enables the balances and/or imbalances in the company to be highlighted.

For example, it can be used to identify :
– a possible weariness in a group of employees,
– a discrepancy with the vision of the managers,
– a lack of confidence in the future,
– a feeling of not being recognised at their true value.

The questionnaire works only on a voluntary basis. It takes the form of a collective survey that preserves the confidentiality of votes. It must be carried out with the goodwill of all those involved. Moreover, the Ikigay survey is only valuable if it is carried out regularly. This is why it only involves people for 15 minutes.

Ikigay pro is a well thought-out solution. Indeed, it saves precious time for consultants who can concentrate on corrective actions. Moreover, CETIM has tested the solution in many companies with a very good satisfaction rate. Results obtained are concrete and measurable. As a result, they have considerably improved the overall performance of SMEs or groups.