The site which you are visiting uses tracking tools called “cookies” (in this case, not chocolate chip). The site may access data which is already stored on your device (smartphone, PC, etc.) and store new information.

About article 30 of the GDPR

People may be associated […] with internet identification such as IP addresses and login details (”cookies”), or other information […]. This information may leave traces which, especially when combined with unique usernames and other information received by the server, can be used to create profiles of people and identify them.

This supports the terms of article 26 which says that all information which can be used to directly or indirectly identify an individual is considered personal data..

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), also known by the French acronym RGPD (Règlement général de protection des données) is the new reference text in terms of European data protection. The regulation was published in May 2016, following long years of deliberation.

To find out more about cookies and trackers, please visit the CNIL website:

This site uses two categories of trackers

Trackers which do not require prior consent

We use these trackers to make it easier for you to browse our site, primarily by recording your browsing preferences defined during your session and by providing you with the services you request (for example, not requiring you to re-enter information or  log back in every 5 minutes). This information is only used on your terminal to make it easier for you to use this site.

These trackers cannot be deactivated from the site without negatively affecting your visit. You can however block these trackers through your browser settings.

Trackers which require prior consent

This site uses trackers which are under our control and which do not collect any personal data, and others under the control of third parties such as Google, which require your prior consent.

Trackers controlled by third parties

These trackers are used to establish statistics with Google Analytics or other services such as YouTube, Facebook, or pages which offer videos or sharing features.

In real terms, Google analyses your behaviour.  They can also cross-reference this behaviour and propose marketing content. It does not know who you are if you are not logged into a Google account, only whether you are visiting or re-visiting.

The table below lists the trackers controlled by third parties which require your prior consent.

Google Analytics (gtag.js)
Statistics (what you do on the site)
Deposit of cookies and trackers “google”.

You can block these trackers by using the functions proposed by the site (with the cookie banner and function which details the cookies used).